Nice things that people are saying about us

“Harvest Insights has been a great partner for us. I was introduced to Alisa when our internal insights department became short-staffed. She was able to jump right in and execute several projects for us while working closely with our internal clients.”
— Jessica B., Senior Director of Global Insights
“Alisa is an excellent moderator: she has led all Goody focus groups for years, easily building rapport with participants and always uncovering surprising insights instrumental to our brand and innovation strategy.”
— Valerie S., Brand Marketing Manager
“The Atlanta Shakespeare Company Education Department shopped around for a marketing professional for a while before we found Alisa and Harvest Insights. The companies we might usually work with just didn’t understand our non-profit business needs or the particular clients we serve and products we offer.

The first time I talked to Alisa it was clear she did understand. Her skill sets, in non-profit management, education and the arts to name a few, was the particular suite of awesome we needed.

I have an absolutely crazy schedule and her ability to synthesize and produce, often after only one consultation, the best language for our project, using our industry-specific language, was reassuring and so very cost effective for our non-profit theatre and education Company.”
— Laura C., Director of Education and Training
“Harvest stepped in when we had fallen behind on a project and found ourselves on an impossibly tight deadline. Harvest was able to complete the analysis and the report. At the end, we worked together to ensure that we provided high-a quality Executive Summary and deep insights for the client.”
— Remy D., Senior Manager
“Great job with training yesterday! Our team really appreciated it and felt they got some helpful guidance on how to improve our surveys. And I really enjoyed meeting you and hearing some examples of your work with non-profits; those are very applicable to our clients.”
— Brook H, Senior VP, Research (Questionnaire Training)
“Alisa has been so instrumental to the success of our research program that we engage her frequently and consider her a member of our team. She easily establishes rapport with respondents and stakeholders, proactively keeps up with our products and industry, regularly recommends smart adjustments to our methodology to improve research results and identifies critical insights and applications.”
— Anne S, Sr. Research Manager
“Her finished product was clear and incisive. She collected the most useful information from focus group participants and distilled it in a way so that I and my whole education team could immediately begin working with new insight and information, to make our products more useful and impactful to our new and returning customers. I recommend Harvest Insights highly.”
— Laura C, Director of Education and Training
“This was a great presentation and brought something new and practical to the table. The speakers were great!”
— Attendee, 2013 PMRG Annual National Conference