Client-side Marketing and Research Departments

Whether our client partners are trying to cover workload for a maternity leave or just looking to outsource a last minute project, we have the experience to jump into the fray.  We work seamlessly into an established work flow so that no details are missed.  

If you are on the client-side, please consider us for any of the following:

  • Personal leave coverage
  • Last-minute projects for which you have no bandwidth
  • Short-staffing situations
  • Full-service projects

Keep in mind that we can take full projects or just the portions that plague you the most.

Research Companies

With the research industry being a feast or famine game, we often worked as Consultants for research companies that need an extra set of hands.  We work under your guidance and in your system to maintain the integrity of your client relationship.  

We can also provide training to junior staff members on subjects such as:

  • Questionnaire development
  • Selecting the right analytic technique
  • Project management basics
  • A custom topic all your own

Ad Agencies

Why have a marketing research department that you can't fully book?  Instead, call us whenever you have a proposal that may need a research element.  We can help you identify the appropriate methodology and execute the work.  The best part is that you will have time to focus on the creative aspects while we tackle the project management.

Harvest Insights is dedicated to ensuring that nonprofits have the same access to quality, actionable research as other companies.  We have a long history of work with and for nonprofits.  Thus, we offer all of the same services at a discounted rate to local nonprofits. 



"The Atlanta Shakespeare Company Education Department shopped around for a marketing professional for a while before we found Alisa and Harvest Insights. The companies we might usually work with just didn’t understand our non-profit business needs or the particular clients we serve and products we offer.

The first time I talked to Alisa it was clear she did understand.  Her skill sets, in non-profit management, education and the arts to name a few, was the particular suite of awesome we needed. 

I have an absolutely crazy schedule and her ability to synthesize and produce, often after only one consultation, the best language for our project, using our industry-specific language, was reassuring and so very cost effective for our non-profit theatre and education Company." 

-Laura C., Director of Education and Training