Alisa Hamilton

Alisa loves marketing research, her family, good wine, and puppies
(not necessarily in that order).

Looking Back on 2015

2015 was a milestone year for my freelance practice thanks to all of my wonderful clients, friends, and supporters.  I couldn't be happier with the balance that I've found in my  life and work. In honor of this amazing year, I thought about simply making an end-of-year donation as many companies do.  Then, I realized that a donation would mean so little in comparison to what I've been able to give back all year long.  Part of what I wanted to achieve with Harvest is a stronger connection to community.  Being a volunteer has always been an important part of my life, and I found it has been missing since I became a responsible adult.

Thus, this year I rededicated myself to community involvement in multiple ways.  First, I have been fostering dogs for several months, helping a total of five dogs - shown in the picture above.  I've also used the slow month of December to make blankets for 7Bridges Shelter - 40 of them!  These were provided to children both in the shelter and on the streets of Atlanta.  I love that I have time to do this work that fulfills my soul when I'm not doing work that fills my pocketbook.  In other words, you, my clients, friends, and supporters, make all of this good work possible, and I am wholly grateful for that.


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