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Research can be an intense industry full of crushing deadlines, unrealistic expectations, and late nights. Couple that pressure with the fact that over 60% of the industry is made up of women, and you have a recipe for a little bit of burnout and a whole lot of wine. Harvest is founded on the idea that we can have our cake and eat it too, that "leaning in" doesn't always mean sacrificing for the sake of someone else's profit margin. Harvest is a reimagination of how we can change the definitions of success by recognizing that doing exceptional work does not have to come at the cost of our sanity. At Harvest, we try to relieve the pressure by being an extra set of hands when you need it most, providing you with a reliable and cost-effective option to meet your research needs.


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Alisa Hamilton

Founder, Researcher & Moderator

Alisa has been in the marketing research industry for over 15 years, and has the gray hair to prove it. While juggling the workload at a mid-size supplier, she became acutely aware of the changes in the industry and worked tirelessly to introduce hybrid methodologies, innovative technologies, and cross-departmental systems. In August of 2014, Alisa created Harvest Insights, where she provides freelance moderating and research services. With her extensive qualitative and quantitative experience, Alisa fills her client’s staffing holes by taking on either parts of or entire projects.

• Trained moderator
• Report writer extraordinaire
• Teacher of research skills
• Accomplished speaker

Activities & Affiliation


Tilly "The Tank"

Chief Security Officer

Tilly focuses on the various facets of security that revolve around hiding her bones, whether that’s in the backyard, under her bed, or in an undisclosed location. Prior to taking over front door security responsibilities, Tilly lived in a 6' by 6' cage at the local animal shelter. She was rescued with her mother and four siblings in February 2017. Tilly has represented and advised the CEO on security measures for as long as she has been alive. Tilly's primary responsibilities include:

• Package delivery alert system
• Tail wagging trainer
• Chief puppy babysitter

Activities & Affiliation

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Robin Marx

Operations Manager

Robin manages the day-to-day needs of Harvest Insights, from bookkeeping to marketing.  She can also be found dabbling in project support, and loves to shake up Alisa’s carefully-planned day with last minute additions to her calendar.  Prior to joining HI, Robin spent her career in business operations for companies large and small, including her own.  A classic Type-A, she loves the freelance spirit at Harvest Insights, and is a good complement to the visionary culture.

• Bookkeeper
• Project manager
• Calendar keeper

Nicole Armstrong

Nicole Armstrong


Nicole has worked in market research for eight years. Her first five years in the industry were marked by numerous promotions as she earned increasingly challenging positions with high priority clients.  However, in 2015, Nicole (like so many others) left her agency-side position in search of better work/life balance (and a much shorter commute!).  She now works from home as a freelance marketing research analyst and continues to hone her skills. Nicole specializes in analytically complex questionnaire development and reporting, and has become a jack of all trades for her clients.  

• Report writer
• Questionnaire developer
• Basic survey programmer
• Field manager


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